The gray mundane of life adds more and more to our shoulders every day. The epidemic situation in Poland and constantly new information about outbreaks and coronavirus do not help to maintain good mood. If you feel depression rising, turn off the TV for a moment and put your phone away. It’s time to return to your old passions. Or will you discover new ones?

If you’re wondering how to take care of yourself , life-changing habits would be a good place to start. A healthier diet, more walks or other
exercising at home
will certainly put you in a
Make time for yourself
and on your passions, and maybe even
Home SPA
? Recall what made you happy before adulthood took hold of you. And get back to it!

Don’t be afraid to try!

Running? How about dancing? If you’ve ever been told by someone that you’re not cut out for dancing or painting pictures, it’s time to verify those beliefs with practice. From a young age, we are raised in such a way that good things are rewarded and slip-ups are punished. Few educators and parents, have left space for something as human as making mistakes.


So you have to give yourself that kind of credit and try it yourself. If it doesn’t work out and you feel it’s not right, just let it go and try something new. Don’t feel any remorse about it either. When you don’t try it, how are you supposed to know if it’s for you? Of course, do everything in harmony with yourself. Doing by force, will have the opposite effect here.

Together or separately?

Many couples are simply inseparable and the time spent on hobbies is also theirs together. However, it’s worth giving yourself a breather and pursuing something that fascinates you alone, without that other half. Such a temporary breakup is not a prelude to the end of the relationship, but a way to refresh it. Because this will keep you focused on what really interests you and not the other person. Also, it is extremely rare for two parties to have identical passions. Just because you dream of taking a pottery course doesn’t mean your partner does, too. So let go and try something one-on-one.

How do you find a hobby?

Perform a simple exercise. Sit in a quiet place so that no one disturbs you. Take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil with you. It is imperative that you write it down by hand, not on a smartphone or computer. Make yourself a cup of tea or your favorite coffee, because a little will go a long way though. Think quietly about what used to bring you joy. What activities did you do years ago that put you in a good mood and gave you wings. What were you proud of?

Reach far back, even to elementary school days. What happened in the meantime is history. Then came adult life and with it responsibilities that pushed pleasure into the background. Giving up dancing, regular exercise or maybe singing? Write everything down on a piece of paper because it’s time to get back to it, or at least one of these things for good measure.

The brain will cheat

Our mind is designed to warn us of danger, even potential danger. This allowed cavemen to survive and escape from wild animals. And we, as if by inheritance, start making movies for ourselves, with the cycle of “what if…” However, instead of speculating, just try it.


Also, discard beliefs like: I’m too old to pole dance. Who saw it coming that I would run or sign up for singing lessons. Playing the piano? After all, this is something that is taught at a young age, not already at a mature one! These types of thoughts will probably be the first ones you feel, but let them fester and do your own thing. All it takes is one step. The former. And then there will be another one. I’m sure of it!

A hobby or passion is one of the best ways to spend your free time. You don’t necessarily have to do everything with your other half. Space for your individual passions also means lots of topics to talk about and experience when you do things together. One thing is for sure – it will definitely make you feel younger and more energetic. The hobby draws you in and lets you forget about your problems. And yet, that is exactly the point!