More and more of us are having sleep problems. The pandemic, and the daily stresses associated with it, don’t make it any easier. Consequently, we have trouble relaxing peacefully already at home. However, there is a way to do this, and a very pleasant one at that. What kind?

The gravity blanket, also known as the weight blanket or ballast blanket, is undergoing a real renaissance in Europe. However, it has been known in Far Eastern medicine for centuries. It will quickly get you in the mood
and lying under a blanket will become your new

Why a gravity blanket?

Think to yourself that after a hard day at work you come home and lie down on the couch. You cover yourself with a blanket that gently, but firmly, envelops you on all sides. It’s heavier than a regular blanket, but that’s what makes you start to feel safe. The feeling of relaxation comes almost immediately. A short nap gives you more energy for the afternoon and evening. Isn’t that a good plan?


How is it built?

Fluffy blankets in various sizes have one thing in common – they have weights sewn into the center, which are responsible for the calming effect. We all like to be cuddled and this blanket does just that. The weights are usually pea grains or sand, depending on how much pressure you prefer.

If you decide to buy one, it’s a good idea to test it out in practice at least for a while beforehand. Or, buy with a free return option. Strong pressure will not suit everyone, and weak pressure may not be quite right either. So it is worth seeing what specifically will suit us. Because this is all about our comfort.

Gravity blanket benefits

Seemingly one blanket, but many benefits that center around your approach to relaxation and sleep. Above all, you get the wonderful feeling of cuddling that only loving arms or just a gravity blanket can provide. This helps you calm down and your heart rate decreases. And finally, you don’t have to have another person to be hugged!

Another added value is the reduction of anxiety levels. Most of us are afraid of something. The intensity of this anxiety can take many forms, and dealing with it is extremely burdensome. Sometimes only strong medications are the salvation. The gravity blanket is designed precisely to soothe anxiety. So when a wave of fear hits you, wrap yourself in a blanket and feel calm and blissful.

A way to deal with insomnia and stress?

Anyone who has had a chronic sleep problem at least once knows what a terrible feeling it is. Advice such as “if you can’t sleep, read” can be put between fairy tales. The person is tired, but sleep does not come. And that’s the real drama. Alternatively, sleep pills are only a temporary solution to this bothersome problem. The gravity blanket helps release serotonin from the body, which naturally regulates sleep. It’s a recipe for restful sleep.

Chronic stress is another civilization disease of the 21st century. The constant desire to tighten the screw and turn up the score often leads to simple burnout. Every emotion needs to find its outlet so that it can resonate in and out of our bodies. The deep tactile pressure stimulation provided by the gravity blanket allows you to let go of stressful thoughts.


Remedy for disorders

The gravity blanket is also recommended for anyone struggling with sensory issues. It reduces discomfort while taming anxiety. It also helps with restless legs syndrome. So instead of using special socks that aren’t very comfortable, try with a special blanket. Adequate strain results in fewer symptoms of restless legs syndrome. It also positively impacts the daily lives of individuals with ADHD.

In conclusion, the gravity blanket is not a fad or a strange
grooming accessory
. Calms you down like
morning meditation
herbal bath
. Adds energy similar to
Warming spices
. That’s why schedule time for yourself and lie down under that blanket. That’s what you’re gonna do
take care of oneself
cause it’s
life-changing habits