More than once and more than twice you’ve probably heard about books that change people’s lives. On the one hand, these are stories whose depth will knock you off your feet and whose history will not let you forget itself. On the other hand, however, are books in which someone describes how they dealt with a problem that was bothering them. And the latter will be discussed in this book.

Guidebooks have dominated bookstore shelves for years now. We can learn practically everything from them. What it
herbal bath
what to choose
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and everything in between
exercises at home
. Plus recipes for
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how to find
and even what we consider to be
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. Which ones are worth reaching for first?

How to live…

If you don’t know what to do with your life, there are plenty of guides on the market that will tell you. You can also take a number of personality tests that will capture your individual aptitude. Moreover, you will also learn how to be assertive, kind and even how to get along with everyone. About whether this is even possible, I don’t think anyone is entirely convinced. However, if you are looking for a signpost on which way to go, reaching for such a guide is quite an interesting option.

See: “How to live? A Guide for the Ungainly” Marie Robert; “How to Get Along with Anyone and in Any Situation “Alison Laurence; “The Power of Personality. Find out who you really are” Joel Mark Witt.


Cleaning up with a scheme

If you clean up the space around you, it will immediately become clearer in your mind. This old maxim has its translation in reality and is experienced by anyone who has at least once undertaken to clean a corner of the apartment that has been put off for eternity. You can make an entire philosophy out of this seemingly daily activity. Cleaning according to her rules is not only supposed to help you deal with clutter faster, but also to make less of it.

See: “The Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, “How to Fence a House Without Falling into Despair” by Dana K. White, “How to Clean” by Ewa Szeliga, Elizabeth Raś.

Hook-ups and relationships from a coach

It’s not easy to cope in today’s crazy times. That’s why we often turn to self-help books to help us understand other people and interpersonal relationships. This is where publications from coaches of all kinds come to the fore. It will teach you how to pick up, how to talk to your boss and even how to bond with your own child.

See: “How to pick up a girl?” Tomasz Marzec; “The Art of Seduction. A practical guide to the secrets of manipulation” by Robert Grene; “A man’s manual” by Katarzyna Miller Suzan Giżyńska


You can handle any emotion

Human beings are creatures made up largely of emotions. And they play a powerful role in our daily lives like nothing else. There are times when something is just beyond us and we can’t quite get a handle on our feelings. And then we can go talk to a psychologist, which is always a good option, or, we can look for information on our own in counseling books.

Pay particular attention to the author when choosing the right reading. Bet on well-known names that don’t just focus on emotional gibberish in their publications, but on scientific facts. Unfortunately, there are still too many guides that are just plain hurtful instead of helpful. Therefore, turn on your vigilance!

See: “Depression. A guide for friends and family” Hubu Buijssen, “Emotions and Moods” How to understand and shape them” Daniel Jerzy Żyżniewski; “How to think well of yourself? On the Art of Acceptance and Living Without Fear” by Stefanie Stahl.

As you can see, tutorials these days are pretty much for everything.
Make time for yourself
And choose the ones that appeal to your tastes and, more importantly, your interests. These can be
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or summer or the characteristics
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skin. The condition is one – never take the messages in them unreflectively. Before you use a super treatment, check out everything about it and then ask yourself if you actually want to go into it.