There is nothing more relaxing than a long bath in a tub full of foam. However, if you want to draw power from the goodness that nature gives us, instead of liquid, pour a handful of herbs or a decoction of them. You’ll quickly see the pleasures it brings!

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What herbs to use in the bath?

You can choose from a huge number of herbs that will have a salutary effect on the overall health of your skin and any diseases you may have. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Hops cones – have a wonderful calming and soothing effect,
  • Thyme – will be ideal if you have respiratory problems, rheumatism, exhaustion, ringworm or recurrent vaginal infections.
  • Black elderberry – has a whitening and skin softening effect. So don’t hesitate to use even freshly bloomed flowers!
  • Sage – soothes sore muscles and eliminates eczema, acne and ringworm. It is therefore especially recommended for all athletes who struggle with muscle soreness and soreness after workouts.
  • Yarrow – this popular herb is indispensable for treating any skin condition. So use it for eczema, acne and when treating psoriasis.
  • Rose – who among us has not dreamed of bathing in rose petals? In addition to the typical romantic and visual values, petals have a great effect on the skin. They not only smooth it out, but also remove fatigue.
  • Lavender – this popular flower has great health benefits, although most of us only use it when we need a clothes hanger for our closet. Lavender helps when the skin secretes too much sebum. Additionally, it stimulates the development of new epidermal cells and calms.
  • Nettle – this widely available plant is experiencing something of a renaissance. Not only its young shoots are added to salads or dips. Skillfully harvested, it will serve both its dryness and its decoction. It is worth adding it to your herbal bath to nourish, strengthen and cleanse your skin. And not just from the top dirt but also the toxins that are in it.

Solo, or pre-made blends?

In herbal stores and drugstores you will find, apart from packets with specific herbs, mixtures dedicated to specific ailments. So the question arises, is it better to buy such ready-made mixtures, or maybe single herbs and do it yourself playing with proportions?

If you buy blends, be sure to check the origin of all ingredients and pay attention to certifications. A similar situation must occur when you purchase individual packages. When herbs are your passion, it’s safe to indulge in making your own blends. Who knows, maybe this is what will become your second passion?

Two methods

To prepare an herbal bath for yourself, you must of course have the herbs themselves. The easiest way would be to pour them into a tub full of water. And this is the first method. Then all the essential oils and beneficial properties are released on the fly, right when you are in the tub. The downside here is that the dryness or stick to the skin and you can’t do without a thorough shower. Additionally, you can plug the drain in your bathtub. Also, not all herbs will release their power at lower water temperatures.


The second method is to prepare the brew in a large thermos. You put the herbs in it, pour boiling water over it and let it stand for a few hours. Then you strain it through a thick sieve and pour only the infusion itself into a tub of water. Proponents point out that this will help you avoid scrubbing the tub. Opponents that nothing can replace herbs in the bath. It’s best to try both methods, and then judge for yourself what actually works well for you.

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