These days, anything that helps fight viruses is at a premium. When you’re looking for something to treat a cold, be sure to also try the goodness that Mother Nature offers us. Because the goodness of herbs is immense, including aiding in the fight against the common cold.

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Choose with certification

When you go to a regular grocery discount store, you will certainly quickly find that the herbal infusions there are quite a few. Mostly in convenient sachets, they are inexpensive and tempting to buy. However, don’t let yourself fall into the proverbial raspberry. Herbal teas without quality certification, may not be compositionally the best. Additionally, they may come from untested crops and thus do more harm than good.


It is much safer to buy herbal infusions from herbal stores dedicated to this purpose. As a rule, you can also count on professional advice there, which is worth its weight in gold. And you certainly won’t buy just anything there. The disadvantage, unfortunately, is the price, which will probably be higher. However, it’s worth giving more and making sure you’re drinking health itself.

Natural is dangerous too!

One more point cannot be passed over in silence. Herbal teas consumed in excess can also harm you. Therefore, if there is a limit of, say, two cups on specific teas, then stick to that. The manufacturer leaves such information out not unnecessarily. Simply put, what heals, drank in too large quantities, is sure to harm!

For inflammation – purge!

This herb is readily used in alternative medicine. Chasteberry is high in polyphenols, which are wonderful antioxidants. Thus, this herb acts anti-inflammatory, protects blood vessels from atherosclerosis and prevents cancer. In addition, it prevents diseases of the circulatory system and stimulates the immunobiological mechanism to work. It also reduces the duration of upper respiratory tract infections.

Melissa – for inner peace

It is one of the most common yet popular herbs in Poland. It has an essential oil in it that includes citral, citronellal and geraniol. Along with other additives such as flavonoids and tannins, it makes our body calm. So use it in situations of severe nervousness, over-stimulation, sleep problems and inflammation. It will also work well if you have a problem with your digestive tract.

Tasty like mint

We can’t imagine lemonade on a hot day without it. It also saves us when the stomach starts to hurt. It’s a spice and herbal infusion in one that you’ll find in any well-equipped kitchen. Mint has a great effect on the digestive system by acting as a relaxant on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. It also reduces pain associated with the digestive system and counteracts constipation and bloating.

Antiviral – white mulberry

This is one of the lesser known herbs, but it is worth making friends with. It has ascorbic acid, high levels of polyphenolic compounds and folic acid in it. The herb itself has antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and antidiabetic effects. Certainly one cup a day will improve your body’s immunity!


Thistle for detoxification

This is probably the least tasty of all the herbal mixtures listed, but it has great effects. It detoxifies the body from toxins and reduces the effects of poisoning. It lowers cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory effects. So if you had a heavy digestive dish for dinner, thistle will be a great choice to reduce the effects of fats on the body.

Warming up drinks
will certainly help at the onset of a cold. However, if you feel that they do not work well enough, be sure to consult your doctor.
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