Everyone knows about the need to change clothes after coming home from work or school. And it’s not about potentially ruining your pants or blouse, but simple hygiene. In times of rampant virus, this is the one we should remember first. The problem comes later – it’s the eternal dilemma – what to wear? Hint!

Home attire can be associated with pulled out sweatpants and slightly stained t-shirts. After all, no one can see us, so why dress better? If you want to have cheerthat attitude is not good. Life-changing habits It’s also the right choice of outfit. All so that take care of yourself even when no one’s looking.

How you dress is how you feel

There is a huge correlation between what you wear and how you feel. While half a day in pajamas and a bathrobe makes you feel relaxed, several days in a row, not so much anymore. Instead of your daily dose of energy, you’ll only think about getting laid. I suspect, however, that you don’t have much time in your daily life for this.


What you walk around the house in is also important from a psychological standpoint. If you see yourself uncombed and unkempt, that’s how you start to feel about yourself. When you want to feel comfortable, you need to look good. Of course, that doesn’t mean full makeup and clothes from top designers. However, it is meant to be so that you like what you see in the mirror.

Pay attention to the colors as well. Choosing blacks and grays alone certainly doesn’t add to your positive energy. So go for vivid and energizing colors, which are sure to raise endorphin levels to the max. While at home, don’t be afraid of either a Mickey Mouse or unicorn shirt. Everything is allowed in the house!

During home office

Working from home as the pandemic has forced us to do suddenly makes all office life move into our personal living room or even bedroom. After the initial enthusiasm of not having to waste time commuting and dressing specially, distaste remained. Because just the fact that we can work in our pajamas makes us completely inefficient.

So many of us have fallen back into the old pattern – a quick morning, makeup, careful outfit and we sit down to work, even if it is now in the next room. Quite a few of us even leave the house for a short walk, then return and get straight to work. After a certain amount of time, she closes the computer, leaves the house for a walk and then returns and no longer opens the office laptop. Because the time for jobs is over.

Ecology and used clothes

One burning topic remains, which is the eco-friendly approach to our clothing. To protect our planet, environmentalists call for giving your belongings a second life by selling them on special portals. Along these lines, T-shirts that are only slightly stained or pants with slight scratches should also stay in our closets. However, in this case, give them a second life in the form of repurposing them.


Cotton t-shirts are great for cleaning windows. So if you have some that you won’t wear again, simply cut them into smaller pieces and you’ll have a lot of top quality cloths. On the other hand, skirts or pants made of denim will turn into a backpack or a modern handbag in skilful hands. Try it yourself, maybe it will become your new
? So you’re not mindlessly throwing away clothes, but merely repurposing them. So you operate not only in an ecological but also in a minimalist spirit that can be envied by all. If most of us act this way, the Planet will have a chance to be saved.

In conclusion, whether it’s for home office or relaxation, home attire must be clean and neat. And most importantly, you need to feel comfortable in it. Then both
morning meditation
as well as
exercises at home
home SPA
will have a completely different, better dimension.
Schedule time for yourself
and choose the right outfit for your home. You may have to make a trip to the store and then look at the labels and shop consciously!