Aromatherapy is a proven way to improve your mood. So we surround ourselves with scents in the form of waxes, candles and even incense. However, the most reliable perfume is one that we can also take with us. Which ones to look out for to feel good all day long?

Perfume is an expensive toy. The more fancy it is, the more havoc it wreaks in your wallet.
Buy consciously
If you do, you won’t regret a single penny you spent. They can warm you up, like
warming spices
, they can also bring comfort as
homemade outfit
gravity blanket
. All you have to do is choose the right fragrance group.

Opt for citrus

The Japanese have known citrus aromatherapy for hundreds of years. Bathing with essential oils from this range is wonderfully warming. If you can’t fall asleep, sprinkle your bedding with lemon oil – it’s great for calming and soothing the senses. Moreover, with regular aromatherapy, people with depressive disorders had visibly improved mood. So when you’re feeling bad about the long autumn and winter evenings, surround yourself with citrus scents!


With lemon in the foreground

This is where the Tom Ford perfume, Neroli Portofino, leads the way. Imagine you are on the Italian riviera. This cologne evokes the cool breeze, shimmering water in the sun and the multicolored flora of Portofino. The main fragrance notes are Sicilian lemon and bitter orange tree. It is complemented by floral notes and a slight breakthrough with amber. One puff and you’re transported to vacation!

Price: 579,00 zł

Orange Vertigo

It refreshes and tempts with its sweetness. It can also come in a more tart version. The essential oil that is contained in the perfume comes from the fresh rind of the fruit. It also helps with our body’s immune system. The first fragrance offering is Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne. One puff and you have a real winter cocktail around you, where sweet orange mixes with tangerine and plum. The whole is completed with sensual sandalwood and amber.

Price: 269,00 zł

The other is Paris-Riviera from Chanel. This famous fashion house knows exactly how to mix fragrances. Renowned perfumer, Olivier Polge juxtaposed jasmine with orange blossom. The result is a wonderful, refreshing scent of Mediterranean flowers. And above it all are fresh citrus fruits.

Price: 390,00 zł

Bergamot from Calabria

This lime-like fruit is a prized ingredient in many perfumes. It is thanks to bergamot that it acquires a wonderful, refreshing atmosphere. On its own, it is often used as a sedative, relaxant and to help you fall asleep. Its qualities have been appreciated by the Italian brand Perris Monte Carlo, which has launched a series of “Italy Collection” fully dedicated to the Calabrian bergamot. You will find a combination of Sichuan pepper, orange blossom, jasmine and musk. It’s an enveloping combination that no one can resist!

Price: 449,00 zł

Yuzu without additives

If you’re not familiar with the yuzu fruit, it resembles a bit of a pomelo in its appearance. It has a thick skin and a very intense, nourishing aroma. The Japanese have long used it for warming baths, where they drop cut yuzu fruit into the tub. This is also what the perfume Nota de Yuzu by Heeley is. In the composition, you will only smell the oil of the said fruit with a touch of sea salt and green vetiver. The scent is inspiring with a hugely energizing feel.

Price: 590,00 zł


With a grapefruit pairing

Last on our citrus list is the grapefruit. Women who use perfume with its admixture, before the opposite sex are considered younger and full of life. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach for Le Couvent des Minimes Aqua Mysteri. The combination of grapefruit, orange and cedarwood literally hypnotizes and transports us to an orange grove.

Price: 239,00

Now you know what scents to look for at the drugstore. Perfume really puts you in
much more than a dream mascara or
lipsticks 2in1
. Perhaps they do not relax as much as herbal bath or
massage roller
but it is worth it to wrap yourself in them.