A home without potted plants is incomplete. Green and colorful flowers decorate our space, and properly cared for, can last for years. Which ones to choose so that they do not require too much care, but also grow healthily?

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that’s one thing. But beautiful interiors are the other, which is also often mentioned in guidebooks. So invite potted plants into your interior too!

Look at your apartment

The most important factor you need to consider when buying plants is not, despite appearances, their appearance. First, see what kind of daylight falls in specific rooms. Classify them into medium sunny and sunny categories. In rooms where there is no window at all, there is no point in putting plants, because none of them will last long.


However, there is a patent for this that is said to work. You need to buy two identical plants and you place one in a medium sun room and the other in a dark room, here in the bathroom. After a few days, you do a plant swap. As long as you follow the regimen consistently, plants will not suffer from a long stay in a dark room.

Plants that don’t like the sun

Harsh sunlight is not advisable for all plants, although scientifically, each plant needs light. Just not in such large quantities. So for a shaded room, choose:

  • Monstera – is a popular plant with hollow leaves. You can find her motif on mugs as well as wallpaper or notebooks. Choose the variety Monastera deliciosa, the one with holes, or Monastera Adansonii, with cut edges. However, the Internet hit is Monastera obliqua, which, in addition to holes in the leaves, discolors yet white.
  • Ferns – are one of the most hardy potted plants, which at the same time do not require special care. It likes shady positions very much, but once you choose a place for it, absolutely don’t change it or it will die. They moisturize the air, so don’t hesitate to set it up in your bedroom or in a bright bathroom.
  • Kalatea – is a capricious plant that requires a lot of moisture and a lot of humidity. However, if you take care to grow it, it will return the favor with beautiful white flowers and prayer-like leaves.

For the sun-loving

There are some flowers that love the sunshine. However, remember not to place them in direct light under any circumstances. Then they will certainly wilt or not grow well.

  • Maranata- loves the scattered sunshine. This bicolored plant with broad, matted leaves is an eye-catcher. It is spreading and its bicolored leaves are elongated in shape. The most popular is the Fascinator variety, characterized by its purple-red coloration.
  • Serpentine- also known as mother-in-law’s saber or mother-in-law’s tongue. It is great at purifying the air, so you will meet it in offices and other public places. Thanks to its structure, it captures not only smog particles but also toxins from paints, glues and impregnates.
  • Weevils – these are plants native to the tropics. In their natural habitat they grow on the bark and branches of trees. If you want to grow it indoors, you have quite a conundrum – because you have to grow it without soil. It is therefore most often sold accompanied by bark with moss. The intensely colored flowers are just coming out of them. Among the most popular varieties are the prairie, Alberta, or mossy tangles. It does not require special treatment, but needs a good moisturizing once in a while.

Make time for yourself
and make a trip to the garden store. You can also inquire with your local florist – perhaps they will bring in a particular species for you? Instead of another
2-in-1 lipsticks
or a new purchase in the cycle of primers for the winter, bet on plants. Dress in
home outfit
and enjoy the beautiful interiors with a green background!