Winter has its own rules also when it comes to color cosmetics. You will use a completely different type of foundation in the hot summer and a different one in the cold winter. How to choose the best one for this difficult time for the skin?

Primers for winter or summer are an absolute “must have” in makeup. It’s what we build the rest of our new look on, so let it be a well-placed foundation. And just as we choose others
creams for winter
UV protection
the foundation must meet certain guidelines. What kind?

5 reasons to choose a different foundation in winter

First, during the fall and winter, our skin tone changes. Thus, foundations that were still well matched in September, in November already glaring color disproportion. It is necessary to choose a lighter variant. Second, a winter primer is supposed to protect us from UV rays. While in the summer we remember about extra sunscreen, in the winter not so much.


Another issue is protection from temperature fluctuations and dry air. There’s simply no escaping it during this winter time, so we need to protect ourselves. Fourth, it must block the elimination of water from the skin so that it does not become dry. And that’s not hard to do in the cold wind and frost. Lastly, it is supposed to hide cracked capillaries.

Special features

We’ve already established what such a primer must do, now it’s time for its special features. Above all, it must provide full coverage to hide any imperfections. Also, a thick formula is a must. Despite its texture, it must not clog pores. If you don’t use a high sunscreen all summer, it needs to be lighter than the foundation you used in the summer.

UV protection is also a requirement. On top of that, it should be durable enough that no weather conditions will be terrible for it. Whether rain or frost, it must stay on your face. And finally the most important thing – high hydration. Because in winter our skin is even more prone to dryness. Also look at the composition, the more nutrients and moisturizers the better.

The best primers for winter

When choosing a foundation for cold weather, you must first and foremost define your skin. So ask yourself, is it dry, oily or maybe combination? With this determinant already in place, you can confidently choose among the many offerings:

Combination skin

It has areas that need intense hydration and those that need a little less. If this disparity is severely bothersome, apply a good moisturizer to areas that are particularly dry, like the sides of your face or your jaw. Try a primer:

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place 64,70 zł /15 ml
  • Sephora Collection Foundation Best Skin Ever 79,00 zł
  • Bourjois Healthy MIX Vitamin Primer 69.99 zł

Dry skin

Here the primer has a marginally simpler task. Above all, it must be moisturizing and highly nourishing. Plus, provide good coverage and still blend in with your skin!

  • Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation 99.00 zł
  • Max Factor Facefinity 3in1 – €79.99
  • L’Oreal True Match SPF 25 Illuminating Foundation 60.00 zł

Oily skin

The foundation for oily skin has a slightly different purpose than the previous ones. Because of its strong sebum production, it needs to mattify the skin on the one hand, and moisturize it strongly on the other. Because this complexion also needs strong hydration.

  • Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup – PLN 99.00
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – €100.00
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear – 100,00 zł

These suggestions may not be the cheapest, but when it comes to primers for winter, it’s not worth saving. This will affect both the longevity of your makeup and its quality.

Skin care in winter is not an easy task. We use oils more often and
massage roller
and we also do not avoid
steam sauna
to the face.
Home SPA
sonic brush
also go in motion. Therefore, the foundation must also be completely different and skin type is rather irrelevant. Each will require not only solid coverage but also UV protection. And that’s without the mask effect.