Probably when you hear about planning, you roll your eyes in boredom. Maybe you even go a step further and claim that it’s a waste of time because some unforeseen accidents might come up anyway. However, planning has power, and it does in every aspect of life. Also in selfceare.

Schedule time for yourself and you’ll gain plenty of space for your
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schedule it. Attention,

Daily routine

Our lives consist of repetitive patterns. We wake up in the morning, have (or not) breakfast, then responsibilities such as work or study, and come home in the afternoon. In the meantime, there’s still shopping, meeting friends, taking courses and many other absorbing things. If you still have a family, there’s taking care of your home, your partner and your kids. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Yet these most busy people always have time for everything. If you’re wondering how they do it, the answer is simple: they plan.


Pen in hand!

If you want harmony in your daily life, you need to sketch it out. And be sure to do it not in a computer program or smartphone, but just on a blank sheet of paper. Divide it into seven equal parts and hourly write down everything that needs to be done at that time. Consider next week. It will certainly be difficult for you at first, but later you will see that it will go easier.

Write down the time you spend at work, any visits to the health club, doctor or beautician. All the things that you are sure are just meant to happen. Also, don’t forget to make time for sleep. Mark there what time you usually get up and go to bed. If you have everything figured out, you already have a plan for next week – things that need to be done.

Time to yourself

They have a lot of responsibilities and it will probably be difficult for you to set aside even a moment just for yourself. Try to do it, though. Make it at least one hour a week when no one is absorbing you. The iron rule is only one – nothing at the expense of sleep, because this is very important for the regeneration of our body.

What you do during that time is entirely your business. It can be a walk, a long bath in the tub, or a yoga class. It is only important that no one invades your private space at that time. Because it’s time for you.

Plan your shopping

In the specific plan, write in the time for the next week’s schedule as well, of course. Setting a time also includes breaking down meals for the week and writing a grocery list. Predetermined menus are a great way to save money. This way, not only do you buy specific things, but you also waste very little. Also, include shopping time in your plan – by spending 2 hours a week, you can easily shop for the whole week. And you no longer have to waste time after work when you’re looking for something quick, most likely highly processed.


Cleaning? Easy to do!

Also put days in your schedule when you clean. It is best to divide the zones into specific days of the week so that you are not stuck with a mop all day. Enter when you change your sheets and towels. Try not to wash every day, but just on certain days. On top of that, in your monthly planning, you can add general clean-ups such as washing windows, arranging in closets or in book collections. With that in black and white, all that’s left is for you to stick to executing your plan. However, circle the most important aspect – time for yourself – in red as an ironclad deadline. And that is not to be crossed!

As you can see, planning occurs on many levels of our daily lives. It’s not just business plan issues at work and your children’s extracurricular activities plans. In the midst of all the busyness, schedule time for yourself. Even just to do
morning meditation
exercises at home
herbal bath
and read
. This time will quickly become the most enjoyable part of each week!