According to recent studies, most of us have vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies. This is dangerous because the body does not function well without them. It turns out that in times when we have free access to food, we eat fatty and junk food instead of eating healthy. But changing your diet is not enough, you still need the right supplementation tailored to the season. What will it be like in the winter?

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That’s the foundation, and the rest is all about proper nutrition.

The effects of winter

Autumn and winter time is not kind to our body. Lower immunity, poorer mood and decreased energy are now standard. This is compounded by dry hair and weak nails. We also move less, so the centimeters in the girth are increasing. So how do you protect yourself from the winter chill? Vitamins!


D for immunity

Statistics say that up to 90 percent of Poles are deficient in this vitamin. Our body can produce it naturally, when exposed to sunlight. It is also found in marine fatty fish, which are still eaten in too small quantities. That’s why it’s a good idea to get tested and check its levels in yourself.

When we have too little vitamin D, first of all, our immunity drops and thyroid problems begin. This is also detrimental to bone health. We also have a worse mood and trouble sleeping. Moreover, we suffer from chronic fatigue. Therefore, vitamin D is a staple in winter vitamins.

C for protection against viruses

There’s no denying that we’re getting more wary of the word “virus” these days. Unfortunately, in winter our susceptibility to infections increases, thus it is worth taking extra protection. And that’s the function of vitamin C. You can find it in citrus, cabbage, peppers, broccoli. If you are taken by a cold, do not hesitate to drink tea with rosehip and black currant juice.

If you don’t have enough vitamin C, you may experience body weakness and joint and muscle pain. Your blood vessels will also burst more often and you are more likely to develop scurvy and asthma. You may also have brittle bones and skin in dire condition.

Vitamin E for endurance

With this vitamin, we have the ability to create antioxidants in the body. It makes the cells not age as fast. Additionally, it is what protects us from heart disease. It also takes care of your eyes, hair and healthy skin. By supplementing with it, you can be sure to have a complexion that will be the envy of your family!

This vitamin is especially useful in winter, when heating and air conditioning dry out our skin and hair. If you don’t have enough of it, you are most likely experiencing nervous system dysfunction. You may also experience muscle pain, pale skin, and constant fatigue.

Magnesium for enzyme activation

It would seem that magnesium is not an element that is needed as much. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Because it is what activates over 300 enzymes, among other things. is responsible for protein synthesis, hormones, the nervous system and even thermoregulation. If you drink a lot of coffee, magnesium definitely needs to be supplemented.


You can also find it in foods, of course. Nibble on pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cocoa, oatmeal or buckwheat groats. It will also be in wheat bran and nuts. Unfortunately, this element is very poorly absorbed, so you can supplement it without worry. It will be rather difficult for you to overdose on it.

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